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The Ultimate Tips & Tricks for a More Eco-friendly Apartment in Zirakpur

You know how important it is today to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and minimize the carbon footprint. Although, Green Lotus Saksham consists of ideal environmentally-conscious apartments, we will still suggest the people to make some minor changes to not only in their day-to-day lifestyle but as well as to their living space to mark a big difference. So, here are some tips and tricks to transform your apartment in Zirakpur into a more eco-friendly and totally stylish place:

Go with Zero VoC Paints for Eco-Friendly Home

You’ll have to be cautious when choosing paint. There are many kinds of paints that consist of toxins that are harmful to you and the environment as well. You’ll find plenty of options that will turn your space into an eco-friendly apartment. So, to reduce indoor pollution, choose a durable and non-toxic alternative. Apart from that, when you buy a paint can, ensures it has a label “natural paint,” “zero VOC” or “low VOC” as VOCs are volatile organic compounds that makes difficult to breathe. With a selection of paint that either has no or very little VOC, your apartment will follow an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Make yourself Energy Saver

You perhaps know the fact that LEDs are good for our environment than incandescent bulbs. But, how about if they can bring down your electricity bills with a lifetime of more than 10 years? The small drawback is that many LEDs give off a cool, blue-based light in contrary to what warm lighting incandescents are popular for. However, it’s not that much tweaking, but still if want to get the cozy glow, look for LED bulbs that emit a yellow-based light and offer several settings and lets you choose between daylight, warm white and soft white.

Switch to Sustainable Materials

Just make a swift towards sustainable materials so as to improve the look of your living space and bring you one step closer to your eco-friendly apartment in Zirakpur. For example, you can use recycled materials that helps to create a greener apartment while still staying within the budget. Apply these materials to several items in your apartment. To fill your space with eco-friendly furniture, avoid using big warehouse brands and instead start searching for pieces at local stores. You’ll perhaps get some unique pieces that no one else has to protect the environment.

100% organic cotton, teak, sustainable bamboo and wool are some reliable materials to check out for during the shopping for environmentally friendly furniture.

Pick the Wooden Furniture

If you are looking to buy new wooden furniture, go for certified sustainable options. Buying local is the best choice as it offers a smaller footprint along with a support to local artisans. Reclaimed wood is also a way to make your home earth-friendly because it directly reuses wood from previous construction. This is why buying vintage pieces is better than purchasing new, especially if the piece is in good condition. It is most important to pick the furniture that’s
durable and well-made.

Toss Leftovers or Scrap

If you love making cards or doing crafts, start a scrap supplies bin so as to toss the ends and leftover odds from projects. Scouring through the bin before you visit a craft store could help saving money on duplicate materials. Consider donating the leftovers and usable materials to a local school’s art department.

Use Curtains

A quick fix to warm home is the use of curtains or window treatments. Window treatments block cold drafts thus helping in the insulation of your apartment in Zirakpur. It also stops the heat to escape out during the winter. Various studies suggests that medium-colored draperies that comes with white plastic backings can reduce heat gains up to 33 percent. At least, that will save you some amount on the bills. On the top of that, window treatments add a good design element to an apartment.

Adopt a Habit to Ventilate

Fortunately, windows are so energy efficient today that they seal your home extremely well. This will not let indoor toxins and chemicals escape. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also advises to to open the windows or doors and let fresh air circulate always. Do it also in the cold winter for a just few minutes.

Skip wall to wall carpet

An addition like a new carpet is perhaps the most toxic item in your apartment. The aroma or odor of a new carpet is an eye and respiratory tract irritant that may also affect the central nervous system. The adhesive used to affix the carpet to the floor generally includes some of the most harmful VOCs like benzene and toluene. Do not use carpets. Instead go with greener flooring materials such as concrete, tile, stone, bamboo or wood. This way such materials can give a contemporary look to your apartment and will be more easy to keep clean.

Decorate with Green

If you want to do the makeover of your kitchen, then consider adding an eco-friendly touch, like a bamboo mat. Bamboo is not only environmentally friendly but durable and water resistant as well. Most importantly, it grows at a surprisingly fast rate, at least one foot a day, which means entire forests of the stuff are really easy to recover. Other than this, you’ve the alternative to create your own all-natural wine cork bath mat that is biodegradable and renew wine corks.

Bonus: Reduce Waste

Instead of purchasing a coffee table book, utilize one of the books you bought and has been sitting on a shelf for years. Do not buy expensive vases and pots for plants, rather use something you already have to give your home a quirky look. Reducing waste plays a big role in being eco-friendly. There is no need to re-purposing and buy extraneous objects as what you already have will be key for your green apartment in Zirakpur.

Well, these are just few high style tips and tricks for an eco-friendly apartment. Hope this post inspires you to apply a version of them in your space and follow the rules of green living!

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flat in zirakpur

10 Useful Tips for styling Living Room of your Flat in Zirakpur

If you want to make a balanced and well-appointed living room in your flat, then you need to make an arrangement that marries all the elements together beautifully and could also be achieved on a budget. The idea should fit with many different styles and should help to create a stylish room in no time. So, given below are few points that are universal and could apply to the living room of your flat in Zirakpur too!

Divide up Visually

To help create cozy spaces, divide up your living room visually. You can add half walls, ceiling beams, or you can also use area rugs, wallpapers, curtains and furniture placement. Even chaise lounges, large lamps, a sofa, a large bench, tables between chairs, an attractive screen, plants or curtains can help divide the spaces.

Build a Gallery Wall

Buy a large open bookcase as a focal point for the room or you can also build the gallery wall yourself. And if your flat in Zirakpur comes with the shelves built into a wall of living room, you can make the most out of it by adding design elements and color. It is also an ideal place for plants, photo frames, books, knick-knacks and anything else that brings your own style and appearance to space.

Use a Bold Rug

As there is a trend of open living spaces, it is possible that your living room is more like a big open space that also consists of a dining area. No matter what kind of space you’ve, any living area should be aided by first laying down a rug. You can certainly choose a rug that’s more appealing to you. But, the most important thing is to pick a rug that makes a bold statement, be it with color, pattern or texture. It doesn’t matter even if your living area is already carpeted, the rugs work over the carpet as well.

Make Difference with Lighting

Irrespective of the size of your living room, lighting can make a difference in how the room feels. It is fortunate that with large living rooms such as at any flat in Zirakpur, there are often more windows. So, during the day lighting isn’t as much of a concern. But at night, shadows and dark corners can make you little uneasy. You will add more light with lamps if you have just one ceiling light in the center. Even too many lamps can make living room awkward. Hence, choose only two or three lamps of bigger scale with similar shades and then

Create a Furniture Layer

Choose a mix of complementary but different furniture styles to ensure that the furniture is an elegant backdrop for accessories, but not a boring matchy-matchy look. If your flat in Zirakpur has an open floor plan, get a lounger that not only adds yet more seating, but also elevates the space with its classic design. A glass top adds just the right amount of structure to space. If you want to spend less money, choose the pieces that sport different but complementary styles and shapes. Go for a range of neutral colored upholstery rather than just one color.

Achieve a Greater Impact

If the coffee table is not big enough for your space, you can bulk it up with two matching square or rectangle couches side by side. Bring together four chairs and table rather than just two chairs. Chairs are less visually isolating in a room in comparison to a sofa. So, it creates a pleasing flow and conversation area in different spaces with challenging traffic patterns. For a greater impact, you can use several of anything such as two lamps, double footstools, or chairs set.

Balance with curves

However, curved elements are not required for every living room. But, if you still want to counteract the straight lines of furniture, you should first take a look at your space and when you’re done, see if it could benefit from any round accessories. Use round shapes that stand in stark contrast to the straight lines of your furniture, thus adding visual softness. Make the best use of the design principle of balance and visual symmetry. Your whole living room should feel good.

Add in Personality

If you don’t want to have a living room that looks like it’s from a catalog, ensure you mix in one-of-a-kind finds such as vintage, family heirlooms and plant life. Like for an idea, use a pair of antique side tables that contrast beautifully with the straight lines of the modern furniture. You can even add in a more unexpected look by the symmetrical use of the side tables. As this will help spread the vintage vibes and keep the space from appearing stuffy.

Cozy up with Color and Pattern

Use color and pattern to break up big wall expanses in a great room or cut the tall wall down to a more comfortable height. Apply wainscoting with different shades of neutrals or colors similar to molding. For a high ceiling, try a simple trick to cozy up your room- paint the ceiling a shade or two or several shades darker than your walls. After this procedure, your ceiling won’t seem as tall and your room might feel more snug and cozy.

Avoid Excessive Wall Hanging

It is really funny to see a large living room with the sofa pushed back against one wall and the chairs on the opposite side against the other wall. This leaves excessive open space in the middle. Your furniture will be too far apart, which will force you to shout in order to have a conversation with someone sitting across from you in the room.

A larger living room offers you a benefit to pull seating out from the walls and create a much cozier conversation area around a focal point. Don’t be afraid of empty walls as can use cover the wall space with for art, buffets, consoles, benches, bookcases, etc.

Whether you need your very first home or are relocating to the area, Flat in Zirakpur at Green Lotus Saksham would love to be your dream home. Are in search of premium flats in Zirakpur?

To learn more about our apartments, visit us online or give us a call at +91 9569111222.

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3 bhk flats in zirakpur - green lotus saksham

Why 3 BHK Flats in Zirakpur is the best investment option?

Located on Zirakpur-Patiala highway, Green Lotus Saksham is an assortment of ultra luxury 3 BHK, 3+1 BHK, 4 BHK and 5 BHK apartments and penthouses that are designed to deliver you a blissful life. Although, all the floor plans are selling at a fast rate, especially 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur are seeing a huge bump in its sales. What’s oh so special factor in this floor plan, which makes it a more obvious choice than the others?

The stunning 3 bedroom apartments bring to you a charisma that meets modern comforts. This well-designed abode comes in the size range of 1906 sq ft. and besides 3 bedrooms, it includes one living cum dining room, two dressing rooms, 3 baths, one store and 3 balconies. The size of the master bedroom is 12 feet long and 14 feet wide. While the living cum dining room is approx 23 feet long and 13 feet wide. The three spacious balconies are of size 28X5, 7X8 and 27X6 respectively. One dressing room is 5’-6”x5’-5” and the other is 5’-10”x4’-1”. As if for everyone there is never enough space to make room for new things, this floor plan also consists of one store room to let you store goods, supplies, or junk things for their ready availability or for use in an emergency.

Technical specifications:

Bedrooms and Living room

These 3 BHK apartments are elegantly crafted with large vitrified tiles in bedrooms and living room. You won’t find these sizes in any other apartments. Apart from being well-ventilated and breezy, these apartments are equipped with wooden cupboard in all the bedrooms. They are fitted with superior quality laminate wooden flooring so that you can experience the look of genuine wooden floors that are durable and scratch resistant. The bedroom has a bathroom that has also been tiled in style occupants get to enjoy their very own designer tiles.

Modular kitchen

Green Lotus Saksham provides ample space for your dream kitchen- our 8’-7”X9” modular kitchen is fitted with glazed tiles of up to 2 ft. from slab level. The kitchen slab is fitted with granite tiles, whereas the flooring of the kitchen is done with superior quality vitrified tiles as in other rooms. While the external window and glazing is done with OBD painting.


Only top quality branded chinaware CP fittings have been used in the bathrooms and are extraordinary. It is also evident in the flooring that is covered with anti skid tiles. Similar to bedroom doors, bathroom doors are also made of hardwood frame with flush door shutter. The walls of the bathroom are enhanced with glazed tiles up to door height and OBD.

Doors and Windows

The eyebrows raising specifications of doors and windows are enhanced with hardwood flush with polish or lamination, which is just as fancy as their frames and shutters.


The flooring of the balcony is also done with anti skid tiles with the presence of MS railings. Staircases and common corridors feature marble/Baroda green flooring with OBD walls and MS railing. So, these are just a few relevant details, to get to know about our 3 BHK apartments in Zirakpur.

Let’s get back to the main topic of the blog- what are the main reasons behind the immense popularity and burp in 3 BHK flats in zirakpur sales?

The reasons behind the immense popularity of 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur:

One of the major reasons behind the rise in sales of 3 BHK apartments in Zirakpur is the extra space and comfort. As most of the people love to have an additional bedroom, investing in a 3 BHK apartment is considered to be a wise decision.

Better Future Prospect

People today are looking for more privacy between the family members. Even for a family of 4 members, 3 BHK is very much required. And also as your family grows, your requirement for space also grows. Hence, 3 BHK is a better option.

More Space

The more you have the space, the better you’ll feel. A spacious apartment having extra bedroom always help to accommodate more. So as if any close one or relatives come up, you have the space to accommodate them without compromising your privacy.


The slight price difference between 2 BHK and 3 BHK is indeed a major reason that attracts more people towards choosing a 3 BHK apartment. People are willing to spend little more for the added space and comfort they will receive from 3 BHK. You can say, investing in a 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur is a win-win situation.

For practical People

Enough space, separate areas for your loved ones, convenience for your family under one roof is what practical people look for. The advantage of gaining the value of the interest also comes along with it. But, this is only possible if you have zero intention of selling it over the next 15 years or more. Moreover, being an investment for a life time, its value is certainly going to increase over time.

And the best part is that these apartments in Zirakpur, which is the scenic neighborhood of Chandigarh. It is one of the fastest developing localities. Nestled in 12 acres of prime real estate, these 3 BHK flats are a part of the project, which is a shining example of pollution free, healthy and family-oriented lifestyle. Also, when it comes to modern amenities and facilities, Green Lotus Saksham ensures you get the best of everything.

Here the residents get access to swimming pool, clubhouse with various sporting facilities, large open green spaces to walk about in, separate lift for each block, kids play area, jogging track, gym, meditation and yoga area for holistic living and the list is endless. All in all, Green Lotus Saksham ushers in a lifestyle that is modern, convenient and comfortable. And your guests are definitely going to be more than impressed than with your place of pride. Hence, all the above reasons only add a weight to the fact that spectacular 3 BHK flats in Zirakpur are a smart investment for smart people.

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flats in zirakpur

Experience an unimaginable lifestyle at flats in Zirakpur

Green Lotus Saksham exemplifies high life with all the modern features required for a contemporary living. This residential project is best in terms of quality and design with top-notch facilities. It provides luxurious residences, including 3 BHK, 3+1 BHK, 4 BHK, 5 BHK flats in Zirakpur with the complementary design. Surrounded by thousands of trees and plants spreading greenery, developer establishes their ambitious project name as Green Lotus Saksham. This housing project lies in close vicinity to Chandigarh International Airport. Zirakpur-Patiala National Highway and the Chandigarh-Delhi Expressway is also close to this project. It is well connected to rest of the regions by railways, airway and roadway. This place hosts a number of schools, educational institutes, shopping malls, multiplexes, entertainment zones, hospitals, etc. to meet the needs of its residents.

A Quick Glance at Green Lotus Saksham Apartments

The design of the Green Lotus Saksham is rich in extraordinary amenities and specification. Here each and every accommodation stands out in the terms of luxury and space with the utmost sense of privacy and luxury. Ideal cross ventilation allows ample natural breeze and the sunshine for an amazing beginning of the day. The flats in Zirakpur are built using sustainable construction methods and other eco-friendly materials to be more environmentally responsible and resource efficient while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

The development of the property is spread over 12 acres of land, which comprise of 11 towers, 13 floors and 341 units. The dimensions of these flats in Zirakpur and penthouses start from 1906 sq. ft. to 3361 sq. ft. The layouts are perfectly planned for the utmost space consumption and are well planned with properly placed windows and large balconies. While the list of luxurious rooms includes bedroom, drawing room, store room, dining room, wash room, toilets and pooja room. The modular kitchen is embellished with high-end granite counter slabs and covered with glazed tiles up to a 2 ft. of slab level. The flooring of the flats in Zirakpur is done using vitrified tiles.

Moving on, the basic concept behind the construction of Green Lotus Saksham is to provide the people with Green Homes. Built under the guidance of Indian Green Building Council, IGBC, every flat at Green Lotus Saksham helps in both energy and resource conservation so as to create a healthy environment that is sensitive to air quality, lighting, acoustics and aesthetics. The project has also been evaluated and assigned Gold Rating due to its commitment of following highest environmental practices of energy and water conservation. Here you’ll get a clean, green and sustainable environment that creates a happy home.

An Aesthetic Marvel

The apartments in Zirakpur at Green Lotus Saksham stands testimony to the quality construction and excellence in finishing. It’s a luxury statement aimed at providing you and your family a home that you can be truly proud of. Other than aesthetics, the majestic views and the most prosperous suburb offers a feeling of being above all and sundry. With the utilization of each inch of space, these well designed residential spaces provide a feeling of completeness to flats in Zirakpur.

Top luxurious amenities at Flats in Zirakpur :-

A sports arena:

Designed and built to global standards, a sports arena at Green Lotus Saksham gives you the finest environment in the world to enjoy a game of pool or billiards, card, caroom, tennis or squash.

Swimming Pool:

Now you can leave all your worries while enjoying a relaxing dip in the swimming pool. And the best part is that swimming pool is available 24X7 so that you can experience this feeling to your heart’s content.

Party hall:

You don’t need a 5-star hotel when you have party hall inside the Green Clubhouse. With the intricately honed party hall at Green Lotus Saksham, it is ensured that every celebration transcends the normal. Whether you need a splendid banquet hall for a grand reception or for an informal gathering, this party hall could well be the finest source to host any kind of event or celebration.

World-class gymnasium:

Now you can watch your fitness level soar with the world-class gymnasium facility at Green Lotus Saksham. With a gym that’s just a step away from your home, you can always choose to go gym whenever you feel like. And also you no more need to splurge money to join a gym and keep up with its timings.

Some Exemplary Features :-

Grand entrance:

Here each tower features a grand entrance with a double height entrance lobby and visitor’s lounge.

Green construction:

By constructing a building in compliance with IGBC standards, the Green Lotus Saksham project has set a new benchmark in real estate sector by becoming the first IGBC certified building in the region.

Lush green landscaping:

By our first sight of extraordinary landscapes, curving and dipping around the Saksham’s towers could leave you speechless. With colorful blooms, lush greenery, harmonious design and more, the landscape expanse here is an oasis of beauty and tranquility, you’ll never want to leave.

Low emission construction materials:

The use of several low-impact building materials ensures the less emission of CO2, thus reducing the impact of a carbon footprint on our environment.

Energy efficient fixtures:

As efficient lighting goes beyond just selecting the right bulb for your fixture, only energy star certified fixtures have been installed to help you save energy resulting in money savings on utility bills. Moreover, this also helps in protection of the environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases in the fight against climate change.

Eco-friendly lifestyle:

Green Lotus Saksham has been modeled on the principles of eco-friendly lifestyle and the many sustainable features that are an intrinsic part of the life Thereby, this township help take care of every kind of need, for today and tomorrow.


Located only a few minutes away from the heart of vibrant Chandigarh, these flats in Zirakpur are in lieu of mother nature and Luxury combined for an exotic experience. Strategically positioned on Zirakpur-Patiala highway, with only short distance away from the airport, Green Lotus Saksham offers easy access to luxurious living.

Green Lotus Saksham defines every aspect of your living experience. It’s visible in each of the towers that are embedded with the finest and handcrafted artefacts and designs which are supervised by India’s foremost designers.

For more information, Call us at +91 9569111222

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The Overview of Green Lotus Saksham Apartments in Zirakpur

Set in Zirakpur, Green Lotus Saksham is the crown project of Maya Builders that comes with the perfect mix of state-of-the-art amenities and a panoramic view of the vast expanse extending over almost 12 acres. This project has the finest apartments in Zirakpur to let you enjoy a world of unimaginable luxury where you’ll be naturally ushered in with appropriate style. With its ultra-modern facilities set in 341 units, 11 towers and 13 floors, Green Lotus Saksham is all set to raise the bar for a limitless living.

About the project

Green Lotus Saksham is a RERA approved residential project in Zirakpur built with a key focus of creating eco-friendly homes that leave less carbon footprint as well as are high on energy conservation, leisure, savings and wellness. So that its residents can live a life in tune with the green needs of modern world.

Location and amenities

Green Lotus Saksham is strategically located at Patiala Highway, Zirakpur and is situated just 15 mins away from the Chandigarh. Designed to offer you the dual benefits of nature and luxury and encompassing world-class amenities, it is designed to evoke a nostalgic mood. Its 3, 3+1, 4 and 5 BHK apartments and penthouses offer modern amenities with facilities for Wi-Fi, gymnasium, swimming pool, badminton court, jogging track, rain water harvesting, green club house, etc. Green Lotus Saksham is a true indulgence to your senses, with its contemporary designs, incorporated with a sense of pride and belonging to a world of infinite experiences. The large landscaped gardens make way to offer an unobstructed view of lush green spaces.

Concept and design

Green Lotus Saksham ups the ante for limitless living with the rain water harvesting and sewage water treatment plants to live harmoniously with Mother Nature and instill virtues among its residents. Be it solar panels, eco-friendly construction or jogging tracks surrounded by lush greens, here every facility reflects the sense of commitment to the green lifestyle. Residences at Green Lotus Saksham will cater to the needs of residents, used to living in congruence with beauty and tranquility you would never want to leave.

Types of Floor Plans in Green Lotus Saksham

3 BHK apartments and penthouses:

The 3 BHK residential apartments at Green Lotus Saksham, Zirakpur have super built-up area of 1906 sq ft. with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and 1 store room. This floor plan includes one master bedroom of 12 by 15 feet wide and living cum dining room of 23 by 13 feet. Moreover, there are three balconies attached to every bedroom. To provide you extra storage space, there is one store room that helps you store goods, supplies, or junk things for their ready availability and use in an emergency.

Spread over an area of 1906 sq. ft., 3 BHK penthouses stretch the limits of luxury living to the heights of satisfaction. This floor plan comprises of 3 bedrooms of approx 11.4X14.9 feet, 11X11 feet and 11.4X12.5 feet respectively. The living/dining room is 23 by 13 feet thus providing enough space to create truly an experience that is beyond compare.

3+1 BHK apartments and penthouses

Built in a carpet area of 1346 sq. ft. and super area of 2335 sq. ft., 3+1 BHK apartments come with sophisticated interiors and timeless design appointed with every luxury. This floor plan consists of a living cum dining room of a size about 27X14 feet.

3+1 BHK penthouse creates a serene experience with a large terrace area of 2335 sq. ft to let you and your family enjoy the good times. These penthouses give you an incredible feeling of living in a private space. With a living/dining room of 27X14 feet wide, it exudes a tasteful blend of modern convenience with an embellishing artwork.

4 BHK apartments and penthouses:

With a super built-up area of 2809 sq ft., 4 BHK residential apartments in Zirakpur are an ideal choice for large families or group of friends. Every bedroom is thoughtfully designed to make you wake up each morning relaxed and contented. These residences create a serene experience to rejuvenate you with its distinctive flair for the grandest comfort.

4 BHK penthouses at Green Lotus Saksham have an open, huge terrace spread over an area of 2809 sq. ft. There is even one separate bathroom on a terrace to let you enjoy hosting parties without any inconvenience.

5 BHK apartments and penthouses:

5 BHK’s at Green Lotus Saksham have a super built-up area of 3361 sq ft. and carpet area of 2006 sq ft. Each bedroom carries a dimension ranging from max 12 feet long to 17 feet wide. Whereas the dimension of drawing cum dining room is 23X17 feet wide. It also includes two utility rooms and one store room. While the one utility room is 19X4 feet wide, the other is 4X8 feet wide.

5 BHK penthouse consists of a huge terrace with an area of 1906 sq. ft. It invites you to have an informal gathering to ensure your every celebration transcends the normal.

Most of all, due to the higher resale value and cost savings on energy, these apartments in Zirakpur are the best investment opportunity in Tricity.

For more information, Call us at +91 9569111222

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GLS Campaign

“BHAGWAN APKA HARA KARE” an Eco-Friendly Initiative by Green Lotus Apartments

To help understand the importance of eco-friendly and greener lifestyle, Green Lotus Apartments has once again come up with a “BHAGWAN APKA HARA KARE” campaign. This campaign is held in collaboration with 92.7 Big FM with an aim to boost awareness of the benefits of adopting sustainable and environmental friendly lifestyle to make this planet a better place for our communities and generation to come.

Rajiv Vig, the Marketing Head of Green Lotus along with the MJ Shiv set this campaign by visiting a home where they did several activities like, keeping green pots, replacing lights with eco-friendly bulbs, gifting the resident with eco-friendly household items, etc. “This campaign will beautifully capture the current mood and trend of people towards making lifestyle choices that practice conservation,” remarked, Rajiv Vig, the Marketing Head of Green

“BHAGWAN APKA HARA KARE” campaign reflects the commitment of Green Lotus Apartments to continue their eco-friendly initiative by raising awareness of how natural resources are used in your life start to practice conservation.

Amit Mittal, the Managing Director of Green Lotus said, “ there needs to be a long-term vision and short action plan for addressing the many environmental challenges and therefore we are organizing such campaigns to promote an awareness of the significance of the environment, and to spread their message- the more we can do together, the more we can conserve our environment.”

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5 bhk penthouses in zirakpur

Enjoy unique luxury features at 5 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur

Showcasing the height of new luxury construction in some of the most sought-after locations, let’s explore exclusive 5 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur.

Strategically located on Zirakpur-Patiala Highway, Green Lotus Saksham has been thoughtfully designed to create a relationship with the natural landscape, surrounded by beautiful views. It provides the perfect balance between suburban tranquility and styling, with everything in easy reach, and more.

Settings are unique and vivacious at these penthouses, ranging from more square footage to swimming pool, roof top terrace and resort style amenities. 5 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur sets a new standard for premium lifestyle living.

Peaceful and Clutter-Free

All thanks to the location, penthouses are quieter and clutter free than ordinary apartments. The noise and bustle of the city barely reach that high and you can enjoy your solitude without any disturbance. Moreover, there’s no issue of noisy upstairs neighbors. One of the perks of owning a penthouse is the elevated height that ensures unmatched privacy.

Seamless Integration between Inside and Out

The interior design of each 5 BHK penthouse delivers a sense of immense luxury and sophistication. Whereas the fine detailing adds elegance to every space, thus creating a perfect blend of styling and timelessness. A modern and seamless integration between the indoors and out is kept through Floor-to-ceiling double-glazing opening towards the balcony and courtyards. So as to make sure that natural light and a landscape is the major attraction for each and every kind of lifestyle.

Unrivaled Facilities

This luxurious 5 bedroom penthouse is for the discerning wanting a lifestyle with shopping, restaurants, and numerous entertainment options at your doorstep. It all comes up to the incredible rooftop terrace that is spread over 3361 Sq. Ft. of the area, including a lounge and a swimming pool that all take in the astounding city views.

Added Exclusives

Be it about unreserved maximum natural light or an excellent ventilation – a penthouse has everything. Furthermore, the layout of a penthouse is usually different from the rest of the apartments to give you added space. As penthouse occupies the entire floor, there’s no problem of wall-sharing. In some cases, separate entrances are also an added exclusive.

No Home Heating Required in Winters

This is a less evident advantage of living in a penthouse. You are going to pay less to heat your home in winter, since your home is located on the top, the warmth generated by lower apartments in the building will naturally rise up and heat your penthouse as it does so. You don’t need to pay anything extra, which will help make the heating bills more manageable in the months of winter.

Wrap up

A penthouse is a favorite choice for those who wish to have a spacious outdoor area without spending much on buying a large house with a garden or yard. Despite, one prefers to choose a penthouse that includes a large terrace and possibly some far-reaching unobstructed views.

This contemporary form of housing is in high demand as many new developments are being built with more emphasis on making penthouse a remarkable dwelling for the potential proud owners of the best unit.

Most 5 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur are regarded as up-market properties due to their outdoor space, views and extra effort that is put into the finishing and furnishing of the property. Penthouses are indeed all-rounders, providing space, light, outdoor area, privacy and most importantly, luxury and style.

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4 bhk apartments in zirakpur

4 BHK Apartment in Zirakpur to Give you Full Comfort, Space and Luxury

About the Project

Green Lotus Saksham is located at the very desirable address. Strategically positioned at Patiala Highway, Zirakpur,  these 4 BHK apartments in Zirakpur and their all other apartments are set to be a landmark development of Maya Builders. Maya Builders are known for quality and timely delivery of various commercial and residential projects. Today, Maya Builders has become one of the reputed brands in Zirakpur Tricity which is synonymous with trust, quality, luxury, style and innovation. Being one of the top construction brands, Maya Builders is backed by the extensive list of real estate projects that not many can offer. The 4 BHK apartments in Zirakpur are believed to be one of the best creations of the Maya Builders. This project is loaded with lots of modern day amenities including swimming pool, world-class gymnasium, jogging track, intercom facility, etc. It also offers spacious 3, 3+1, 4+1, 5, 5+1 BHK apartments and penthouses with all the basic amenities. The project consists of various other facilities like vastu compliance units with well-defined floor plans.

Specifications and amenities of 4 BHK apartments in Zirakpur

Every 4 BHK apartments in Zirakpur includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a living room, dining room, dressing area and kitchen. Every bedroom is very spacious with the dimensions ranging from 15 by 13 feet approx to 12 by 16 feet, 11 by 16 feet and 12 by 12 feet respectively. Whereas the dining/drawing room is almost 24 by 16 feet wide. The two balconies are 14 by 5 feet and 5 by 11 feet respectively. Surrounded by lush green landscapes, greener environment and a brilliant neighborhood, these 4 BHK apartments in Zirakpur carefully combine luxury and comfort. Green Lotus Saksham offer homes to suit your lifestyle with a range of large and spacious rooms. This is the perfect home for families looking for a dream home. Equipped with all the upward moving society needs, this project is also rewarded with IGBC Gold Certification to encourage the practice of sustainable living. It has all the green highlights including rainwater harvesting, water efficient fixtures, soil conservation, recycling are just to name a few. Besides the expansive aerial view of the city, these apartments are made to be energy efficient and sustainable construction to maximize the impact of natural light and improve the indoor air quality. This project lets you choose your perfect living space without compromise.

Green Lotus Saksham is well positioned as the premium address apartment that is thoughtfully created for stylish living. Each apartment faces the open green area whilst ensuring the privacy for each home. Articulate landscaped areas and a soothing dip in the pool with a matchless combination of stimulating workout at the clubhouse gymnasium provides you the excellence in every endeavor. This project ensures that you live safely with your family by creating spaces that are resistant to earthquake. Moreover, this project has some of the basic club facilities like yoga centre, party hall, library and a room designated for playing games like card, carrom, pool and billiards. Rising amidst green environs, Green Lotus Saksham is the region’s first green residential project in Zirakpur. It is not only innovative and quality driven, but also fulfills the commitment of providing you with an environment conducive to living well. Providing all the amenities under one roof, it allows you to live a convenient and comfortable lifestyle with your family. Maya Builders have developed numerous extraordinary infrastructures with the matchless combination of a brilliant location. All of their projects are well surrounded by better landscapes, beautiful neighborhood and an eco-friendly environment with good transportation cum conveyance facilities around.

Why Green Lotus Saksham?

Well connected by all the sides like expressways, ring road and public infrastructure, Green Lotus Saksham offers ease of accessibility to major destinations. Apartments in this project possess unique traits, including, 24 hour multi-level security, better indoor air quality, environmental friendly & sustainable, well-defined ecosystem, safe kids play area, elderly friendly areas and premium lifestyle at affordable pricing that has no parallels for value housing. Besides these, energy efficient construction ensures low cost of living with higher resale value. All in all, with all the top of the line amenities: convenience, security and connectivity, Green Lotus Saksham sets a new benchmark to be the preferred residential designation for aspiration home and apartment owners.

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A Glance at Saksham’s Mega Launch Event

On 16th November 2017, a successful launching of the second eco-friendly, green residential project “Green Lotus Saksham” by Green Lotus has taken place at its site office on Patiala Road, Zirakpur. The gala event marked the presence of more than 1100 people from different fields, including builders, entrepreneurs, realtors, professionals, elite citizenry, members of the press and bureaucracy.

The Gen. Secy, PPCC, S. Deepinder Singh Dhillon was invited as the guest of honor. To mark the mega launch, various action-packed performances were done by famous celebrities. The event began on a good note with a stand-up performance by comedian Sudesh Lehri. He started with the fun conservation on stage and regaled the whole atmosphere with his quips and mimicry. The ambiance later turned into sufiana mode when the Nooran Sisters took the stage and held the audience with their enthralling musical performances that culminated towards midnight.

On the other hand, RJs of the four radio stations were also present at the event. The Rj’s kept the audience glued with their interaction and they were also later felicitated by the Guest of Honor. The four radio stations of Chandigarh have joined the unique initiative—United for Green. The one-of-its-kind revolutionary campaign is being promoted and supported by the Green Lotus Apartments.

Mr. Amit Mittal, the Managing Director of Green Lotus said, “how he had put all the efforts to give quality housing solutions to the people across the region.” He also spoke about the various features of the green residential project.

The event ended with a live band performance and a sumptuous dinner comprising of Indian and Asian vegetarian fare. The event was remarkable as a large number of people showed a keen interest in the sample flat and while few of them even made advance bookings at the launch.

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#unitedforgreen Initiative Promoted and Supported by Green Lotus

As all kinds of media are in abuzz with news of high level of air pollution in North India, there is an immediate need for a focused approach from all the human beings living on earth. Recognizing this fact and the need of the hour, Green Lotus and many private Radio Stations of Chandigarh joined hands to come up with the unique initiative #unitedforgreen . Started this month only, this is a first of its kind revolutionary campaign dedicated to raising environmental awareness so that each of us starts contributing towards a better life for the generation to come.

Taking a first step in the right direction, many private radio stations of Chandigarh, including MY FM, BIG FM, RED FM and Radio Mirchi has recently conducted a large number of activities such as sapling distribution, cleanliness drive, pledge making and poster making, etc.

The famous RJ’s and MJ’s- RJ Golmaal Gagan, RJ Anubhav, Mirchi Ashi, Mirchi Charu, Big MJ Shiv, Big MJ Dhanveer and more are eagerly supporting this noble cause by asking suggestions from youngsters at educational spots like Punjab University, Chandigarh. A press conference was also held at Press Club, Chandigarh where they gathered to support the cause #unitedforgreen. The organizers have also roped a large number of popular names like Sudhesh Lehri (Comedian) and Nooran sisters (Singer).

Likewise, the Punjab Eco Friendly Association (PEFA) has also joined hands to support the same. The Green Lotus envisaged that this campaign will create a benchmark in which other entities from other mediums can join as well and carry out such collaborative activities.

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