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The Quest for Luxury Property in Zirakpur Ends Right Here

Green Lotus Saksham is an eco-friendly yet luxurious project in Zirakpur giving new real estate goals to investors as well as buyers. After Green Lotus Avenue, this is another jewel in the crown of Green Lotus Group that has been known to come up with a luxury property in Zirakpur extending over almost 12 acres and not to be missed state-of-the-art amenities.

With its contemporary features set in 341 units, 13 floors and 11 towers, Green Lotus Saksham is all ready to set new benchmarks for a limitless living.

Everything You Should Know about Green Lotus Saksham

Green Lotus Saksham is a RERA approved luxury property in Zirakpur designed with a key focus on making eco-friendly homes that leave less carbon impression and are high on energy conservation, saving funds, wellness, and leisure. So its residents can enjoy the luscious green belt of apartments in zirakpur giving your upcoming generation a better life and home.

Location and Amenities

Green Lotus Saksham is strategically situated at Patiala Highway, Zirakpur and is only 15 minutes away from the Chandigarh. Crafted to offer you the dual advantages of nature and extravagance world-class amenities, it is designed to evoke a nostalgic state of mind.

Its 3, 3+1, 4 and 5 BHK luxury property in Zirakpur and penthouses offering modern facilities with Wi-Fi, swimming pool, badminton court, running track, rainwater harvesting, green clubhouse, gymnasium, and so on. Green Lotus Saksham is a true indulgence to your senses. Built with the modern facilities, it offers a sense of pride of living at a place that is close to nature and away from pollution.

What Makes Green Lotus Saksham a premium living option-

Indoor Swimming Pool

At Green Lotus Saksham, you can leave all your stresses while getting a charge to enjoy and relax in the Indoor swimming pool. What’s more, you can ask from a property that let you swim away your blues whilst staying within the premises? 24X7 accessibility to swimming pool will rejuvenate your senses whenever you feel over-stressed or want to have a pool party with family.

A Sports Arena

Designed to match the worldwide standards, a sports arena at Green Lotus Saksham gives you the finest quality of space to enjoy a session of a pool, billiards, card, carom, tennis, squash and more.

Party Hall

You do not need a 5-star inn when you have an option of hosting a party at a party hall of Green Lotus Saksham. With an intricately designed party lobby, it is ensured that each festival over here would double your fun and enjoyment.

World-Class Exercise Room

With the world-class exercise rooms at Green Lotus Saksham, you can watch your fitness level take off. This exercise centre is only a stage far from your home so that you can simply go for exercising whenever you feel like.
All such features show that this luxury property in Zirakpur are the perfect choice for those willing to invest in a lavish lifestyle.

Some Extraordinary Features:-

Resources Conservation:

Green Lotus Saksham believes in resources conservation through rainwater harvesting, energy efficient home appliances, solar panels, etc.

Eco-friendly Construction:

By constructing a building in compliance with IGBC standards, the Green Lotus Saksham venture has set another benchmark in the real estate sector.

Lush Green Landscaping:

The first sight of extraordinary landscapes, bending and dipping around the Saksham’s towers could leave you confused. With colorful blossoms, lush greenery, agreeable outline and more, the landscape expanse is an oasis of the beauty of excellence.
Put simply, GLS is an ideal example of luxury property in Zirakpur that accomplish all the desires of modern home buyers.

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flats for sale in zirakpur

Flats for Sale in Zirakpur – Green Lotus Saksham is a Deal to Grab

Green Lotus Saksham is an amazing & luxurious property designed to complement a contemporary lifestyle with its all modern features. If you are looking for flats for sale in Zirakpur, it brings you an exclusive assortment of real estate, including 3 BHK, 3+1 BHK, 4 BHK, 5 BHK flats. The property is in luscious green area to keep you close towards nature. Breath fresh and live a life with all comfortable is the sole idea behind the property.

This is an ambitious project named as Green Lotus Saksham giving wings and reality hint to the dream of many – owning a comfortable and stylish house of their own.

It is in the prime location that makes this property more demanding and a must have home. It lies in close vicinity to Zirakpur-Patiala National Highway, Chandigarh International Airport, and the Chandigarh-Delhi Expressway is also close to this project. Moreover, it is quite well connected to rest of the regions by road, railways, and airway. It is close to a number of educational institutes, schools, multiplexes, shopping malls, entertainment zones, hospitals, etc., to perfectly satisfy the urge of owning a modern well-connected house.

So, it is an ultimate choice for those, who are seeking flats for sale in Zirakpur.

Don’t miss this golden real estate opportunity!

What Make Green Lotus Saksham Apartments a Dream Property?

The Green Lotus Saksham is featured with amazing and extraordinary specifications as well as amenities making it a profitable deal.

It surpasses all the important and foremost parameters in the terms of luxury and space with a hint of contemporary designs and structure.

The flats are crafted by using sustainable construction technique and eco-friendly materials to stand out from the other properties. If you are looking for flats on sale in Zirakpur or real estate deal that can be called a sound investment move, this is the one to go for.

The development of the property is stretched over 12 acres of land, which contain 7 towers, 13 stories and 341 units. The measurements of these flats in Zirakpur and penthouses begin from 1906 sq. ft. to 3361 sq. ft. The designs are flawlessly planned for the utmost space consumption and are admirably arranged with properly placed windows and spacious balconies. While the list of the luxurious rooms combines living space, room, store room, dining area, wash room, toilets and pooja room. If your idea is to look for apartments on sale in Zirakpur, you have n-number of options. But, in case you want to invest or live comfortably, this property is for you.

The modular kitchen is like the icing on the cake. It is featured with stunning granite counter top and beautifully covered with coated tiles to a 2 ft. of piece level. The flooring of the flats in Zirakpur is finished utilizing vitrified tiles. Now this is what your dream would have surely comprise.
Core Idea Behind the Property

The foremost and the incredible idea behind the construction of Green Lotus Saksham is to offer residents with Green Homes. It is built under the shadow of Indian Green Building Council, IGBC. Each apartment at Green Lotus Saksham helps in both resource conservation and energy in order to create a healthy environment that is sensitive to air quality, acoustics, lighting, and aesthetics.
This is one-stop destination for all those home seekers, who are searching for apartments on sale in Zirakpur. The property has also been evaluated as well as assigned Gold Rating because it follows the water conservation and utmost environmental practices of energy

Amenities of Green Lotus Saksham Making this Property Sell like Hot Cakes

Green construction

Buildings are constructed in compliance with IGBC standards, this project has surely set up new benchmark in real estate sector.

Swimming Pool

You can enjoy with your family and friends in the swimming area and pool. It is available 24 24X7 so that you can enjoy anytime. Generally, there are a number of flats for sale in Zirakpur, but finding a property like Green Lotus Saksham is a tough row to hoe.

Party Hall

Well, no doubt these day almost all properties have party hall, but this property has something extraordinary to offer. It is massive, modern and cozy at the same time. It ensure that every celebration is vibrant, happy and spacious.

A Sports Arena

This area is designed and built to match the standards of international sport arena. You can enjoy a thrill game of billiards, carom, tennis, pool or squash.

Well, the list of amenities is endless and this make it a perfect property investment for all.

Green Lotus Saksham intensely defines every core aspect of living a modern life. The property is designed by popular designers making it a dream to possess.

This is a perfect choice when it comes to finding flats for sale in Zirakpur.

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living at green lotus saksham

Why Apartment Living at Green Lotus Saksham is Awesome?

Seeing the current health issues due to the toxic environment, people are now looking for a better environment for their families in order to avoid the perceived downfalls of the big cities. These downfalls include, congested space, heavy traffic and the lack of greenery. All such issues have identified why more families are choosing apartment living, especially because of the lots of benefits to their health and well-being.

The issue of better living is important as a modern lifestyle in big cities is no more safe or practical, and this is perhaps an eye-opening fact or also the major reason for changing the preference of people and have an urge to lead a healthy lifestyle during apartment living. Whereas it is also undeniable that modern lifestyle has led to health problems, destruction of natural ecosystems and excessive consumption of resources. And this is exactly where Green Lotus Saksham apartments in Zirakpur are envisaged as a perfect example. This post will show how Green Lotus apartments can help you find true happiness and a healthy lifestyle.

Easy Access to Amenities

When people live in urban environments, they often have to give up the dream of living close to entertainment and leisure places. But, this is not true when you opt to live at Green Lotus Saksham. As Green Lotus Saksham is a well-planned township, families can anytime have access to playgrounds, pools, gymnasium, cafe and lot more. Also, being prominently positioned on Patiala Highway, Zirakpur, Green Lotus Saksham is just a few steps away from shopping malls, night clubs, bars, movie theatres, children parks. All such things are enough to keep you encouraged because they are close by and they let you avoid the option of hibernating inside the home.

More Time Outdoors

If you live in an open, lush green landscaped township equipped with jogging tracks, yoga and meditation center, you walk, jog, exercise more and spend more time outdoors. And it also becomes exciting for your kid to be able to walk out the front door and get himself someplace on his own, without having to get himself locked inside the home. That is one thing we don’t really consider, how this ability to move around freely gives children more autonomy and self-confidence.

Reduced Energy Consumption

It goes without saying, that Green Lotus Saksham apartments in Zirakpur are designed to be eco-friendly and helps in reducing energy costs. These apartments are constructed with advanced energy sensitive and eco-friendly techniques like the use of well insulated materials, power solar cells, rainwater harvesting, energy efficient appliances, water efficient fittings, etc. to ensure higher energy efficiency while lowering the energy consumption.

Importance of Different Experiences

Nowadays, many families stress the importance of experiences. And Green Lotus Saksham create that experiences and better opportunities to conveniently access the great public spaces like popular tourist places, parks and others to interact with a diverse range of people. Having the freedom to move around via multiple transportation modes, you no more have to get tied with your car. So you will always have the excitement of different experiences and meeting right people on the street.

Good Exposure to Building Connections

Expanding on the above idea; as you and most importantly, your kids are exposed to more people, each one of you will have more opportunities to enhance social skills and as well as develop a better understanding of diversity. This will also help in learning to be engaged with neighbors and others, which as a result will develop a skill to view people with more understanding and acceptance.

Final Note:

By far the biggest benefit of living at Green Lotus Sakhsam is that it is a thoughtfully designed township with quiet, open spaces around. To incorporate the ample greenery within the township, a large percentage of open space has been left. This, as a result, offers fresh air to breathe. And the most of all, this place has no traffic, which means there is no pollution and thus no toxic environment like big cities. It’s a place where your children can grow up with. It endows holistic living experience with amenities that redefine community living and celebrates the unity and diversity of lifestyle and culture.

Furthermore, apartment living at Green Lotus Saksham assures to provide not only all the essential amenities within the four walls, but also gives you the advantage of living in the area of the city where the excellent social infrastructure is present. In short, Green Lotus Saksham weaves together all the essentials of a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being.

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4 bhk penthouses in zirakpur

Capture the Essence of Living the High Life at 4 BHK Penthouse in Zirakpur

Popularly known as a satellite town, Zirakpur is located near Chandigarh and is the most promising location away from the stresses of living. Zirakpur has evolved as a fastest growing hotspot for residential and commercial developments which hosts some of the popular malls, top hotels and prestigious learning institutions. It is also emerging as a prominent location for IT and manufacturing. As so many politicians, wealthy personalities and business officials are living in this city, the Green Lotus Group decided to come up with luxurious penthouses to offer such people with super premium facilities. Their previous project named Green Lotus Avenue also featured penthouses which not only noticed high flying sales but became the most obvious choice due to its major attractions like eco-friendly concept, luxury and space. And now again, the Group has been successful in creating a buzz with its more improvized version of penthouses in its new project Green Lotus Saksham. Especially, the 4 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur are selling at a very fast rate. So, this post will give you an in-depth look at why people really like this specific luxurious segment.

Locational Advantages:

Green Lotus Saksham is strategically located on Zirakpur-Patiala Highway, which is a popular location among residents as well as youngsters who love to buzz in and around pubs, hangouts, multiplexes, shopping malls and commercial outlets. As this project is set on NH-7 and is well connected to NH-5 and ring roads, this location offers a high accessibility to adjoining cities like Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and popular hill stations such as Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, Manali, etc. This area is flush with the best infrastructure facilities and has a close proximity to public transport systems like Railway Station and Airport. Aerocity road connectivity to NH-7 is the key factor that makes this location score well and makes it easily approachable to the airport.

High Style, High Rise Exclusive Living:

The 4 BHK penthouses are basically luxuriously fitted apartments on the top floor of a tower. These penthouses are simply impeccable incorporating the very best of international class design and facilities. They represent a unique combination of five elements- style, comfort, elegance, convenience and amplitude for you. With unparalleled views, luxurious ambiance and a private terrace, this collection of penthouses by Green Lotus Saksham capture the essence of living the high life in these ultra-luxury high rises.

Not to mention that, with such highly equipped, spacious and exquisite penthouses, buyers no longer have to compromise with their peace and privacy.

Sprawling over 12 acres, these opulent 4 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur are a part of township consisting 11 towers, 341 units along with all the conveniences that can be typically differentiated from the luxuries offered by other townships.

4 BHK Penthouses Configuration

The 2,809 sq. ft. the penthouse comes with a host of exotic finishes and features. The penthouse has 4 bedrooms, 1 drawing cum dining room, 5 baths, 4 balconies, 1 store room and 1 dressing room. A spacious and expansive terrace area enhances the already panoramic views fostering an ideal space for relaxation and entertainment with your family. A swimming pool is also present on the terrace so that you can take a quick dip and rejuvenate your senses. At this heavenly abode, you’ll feel like floating on your own personal cloud of exclusiveness at one place.

Here your journey into ultra-posh begins on the top floor where you step off the elevator onto your private foyer. To your right is the huge living room of size 23 feet long and 17 feet wide, that is very spacious and big enough to fit whatever you like. There is a dining room capable of hosting over 15-20 guests and an eat-in-kitchen with an island. The master bedroom has a big dressing room so that you’re always guaranteed to leave the penthouse as rich as you feel.

Designed to be at one of the lands and offer a life less ordinary, the 4 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur are filled with peace and seclusion at a place where the majesty and charm magnifies.

Premium Complex with World-class Amenities

Distinctive architecture, oversize residences and ultra-luxe services here turns these penthouses into high-net-worth communities, with amenities fostering social interaction. This is why people call these penthouses, among the most innovative developments in India. The next generation of in-city penthouses – which is almost 90% sold- presents unrivaled vistas and more than 12 acres of interior and exterior luxuries. Few of them are a well-equipped gymnasium, cafe lounge, multi-cuisine dining, jogging track, sports arena and a green clubhouse.

From the moment you arrive at the Green Lotus Saksham, the elegance and sophistication reign, from class and comfort to amenities worthy of a five-star resort. Start your day in the state-of-the-art yoga center, enjoying cocktails poolside while catching the cool breeze under sun deck. Premium interior finishes and spectacular exterior views fuse together to create a comfortable home with fabulous elegance. And these 4 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur are notably created for those who appreciate exquisite design, luxurious appointments and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Rising thirteen stories above the ground, these penthouses reflect top-of-the-line finishes in every unit. A tranquil atmosphere and relaxed feel of this area make the building a peaceful and sophisticated retreat, with the option to take advantage of the Zoological parks, world-class dining venues and bars nearby.

Located on the 13th floor, living in these 4 BHK penthouses in Zirakpur let you enjoy your privacy. As it is right on the top floor, this space is more quiet and exclusive where you can also stay away from the bustle and noise of the lower floors. Even these penthouses are better than living on the ground floor or the first floor. You can also wish to keep your windows open without any need to worry about peeping toms or neighbors trying to pry. Moreover, the elevated height provides optimum solitude within the urban chaos.

The best part about living in the penthouse is that you get bragging rights! Amidst luxury, enough space for roof-top parties, all that light and fresh air, lots of glass doors and windows through which to enjoy it and everything one may desire.

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flat in zirakpur

10 Useful Tips for styling Living Room of your Flat in Zirakpur

If you want to make a balanced and well-appointed living room in your flat, then you need to make an arrangement that marries all the elements together beautifully and could also be achieved on a budget. The idea should fit with many different styles and should help to create a stylish room in no time. So, given below are few points that are universal and could apply to the living room of your flat in Zirakpur too!

Divide up Visually

To help create cozy spaces, divide up your living room visually. You can add half walls, ceiling beams, or you can also use area rugs, wallpapers, curtains and furniture placement. Even chaise lounges, large lamps, a sofa, a large bench, tables between chairs, an attractive screen, plants or curtains can help divide the spaces.

Build a Gallery Wall

Buy a large open bookcase as a focal point for the room or you can also build the gallery wall yourself. And if your flat in Zirakpur comes with the shelves built into a wall of living room, you can make the most out of it by adding design elements and color. It is also an ideal place for plants, photo frames, books, knick-knacks and anything else that brings your own style and appearance to space.

Use a Bold Rug

As there is a trend of open living spaces, it is possible that your living room is more like a big open space that also consists of a dining area. No matter what kind of space you’ve, any living area should be aided by first laying down a rug. You can certainly choose a rug that’s more appealing to you. But, the most important thing is to pick a rug that makes a bold statement, be it with color, pattern or texture. It doesn’t matter even if your living area is already carpeted, the rugs work over the carpet as well.

Make Difference with Lighting

Irrespective of the size of your living room, lighting can make a difference in how the room feels. It is fortunate that with large living rooms such as at any flat in Zirakpur, there are often more windows. So, during the day lighting isn’t as much of a concern. But at night, shadows and dark corners can make you little uneasy. You will add more light with lamps if you have just one ceiling light in the center. Even too many lamps can make living room awkward. Hence, choose only two or three lamps of bigger scale with similar shades and then

Create a Furniture Layer

Choose a mix of complementary but different furniture styles to ensure that the furniture is an elegant backdrop for accessories, but not a boring matchy-matchy look. If your flat in Zirakpur has an open floor plan, get a lounger that not only adds yet more seating, but also elevates the space with its classic design. A glass top adds just the right amount of structure to space. If you want to spend less money, choose the pieces that sport different but complementary styles and shapes. Go for a range of neutral colored upholstery rather than just one color.

Achieve a Greater Impact

If the coffee table is not big enough for your space, you can bulk it up with two matching square or rectangle couches side by side. Bring together four chairs and table rather than just two chairs. Chairs are less visually isolating in a room in comparison to a sofa. So, it creates a pleasing flow and conversation area in different spaces with challenging traffic patterns. For a greater impact, you can use several of anything such as two lamps, double footstools, or chairs set.

Balance with curves

However, curved elements are not required for every living room. But, if you still want to counteract the straight lines of furniture, you should first take a look at your space and when you’re done, see if it could benefit from any round accessories. Use round shapes that stand in stark contrast to the straight lines of your furniture, thus adding visual softness. Make the best use of the design principle of balance and visual symmetry. Your whole living room should feel good.

Add in Personality

If you don’t want to have a living room that looks like it’s from a catalog, ensure you mix in one-of-a-kind finds such as vintage, family heirlooms and plant life. Like for an idea, use a pair of antique side tables that contrast beautifully with the straight lines of the modern furniture. You can even add in a more unexpected look by the symmetrical use of the side tables. As this will help spread the vintage vibes and keep the space from appearing stuffy.

Cozy up with Color and Pattern

Use color and pattern to break up big wall expanses in a great room or cut the tall wall down to a more comfortable height. Apply wainscoting with different shades of neutrals or colors similar to molding. For a high ceiling, try a simple trick to cozy up your room- paint the ceiling a shade or two or several shades darker than your walls. After this procedure, your ceiling won’t seem as tall and your room might feel more snug and cozy.

Avoid Excessive Wall Hanging

It is really funny to see a large living room with the sofa pushed back against one wall and the chairs on the opposite side against the other wall. This leaves excessive open space in the middle. Your furniture will be too far apart, which will force you to shout in order to have a conversation with someone sitting across from you in the room.

A larger living room offers you a benefit to pull seating out from the walls and create a much cozier conversation area around a focal point. Don’t be afraid of empty walls as can use cover the wall space with for art, buffets, consoles, benches, bookcases, etc.

Whether you need your very first home or are relocating to the area, Flat in Zirakpur at Green Lotus Saksham would love to be your dream home. Are in search of premium flats in Zirakpur?

To learn more about our apartments, visit us online or give us a call at +91 9569111222.

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