The Ultimate Tips & Tricks for a More Eco-friendly Apartment in Zirakpur

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The Ultimate Tips & Tricks for a More Eco-friendly Apartment in Zirakpur

You know how important it is today to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and minimize the carbon footprint. Although, Green Lotus Saksham consists of ideal environmentally-conscious apartments, we will still suggest the people to make some minor changes to not only in their day-to-day lifestyle but as well as to their living space to mark a big difference. So, here are some tips and tricks to transform your apartment in Zirakpur into a more eco-friendly and totally stylish place:

Go with Zero VoC Paints for Eco-Friendly Home

You’ll have to be cautious when choosing paint. There are many kinds of paints that consist of toxins that are harmful to you and the environment as well. You’ll find plenty of options that will turn your space into an eco-friendly apartment. So, to reduce indoor pollution, choose a durable and non-toxic alternative. Apart from that, when you buy a paint can, ensures it has a label “natural paint,” “zero VOC” or “low VOC” as VOCs are volatile organic compounds that makes difficult to breathe. With a selection of paint that either has no or very little VOC, your apartment will follow an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Make yourself Energy Saver

You perhaps know the fact that LEDs are good for our environment than incandescent bulbs. But, how about if they can bring down your electricity bills with a lifetime of more than 10 years? The small drawback is that many LEDs give off a cool, blue-based light in contrary to what warm lighting incandescents are popular for. However, it’s not that much tweaking, but still if want to get the cozy glow, look for LED bulbs that emit a yellow-based light and offer several settings and lets you choose between daylight, warm white and soft white.

Switch to Sustainable Materials

Just make a swift towards sustainable materials so as to improve the look of your living space and bring you one step closer to your eco-friendly apartment in Zirakpur. For example, you can use recycled materials that helps to create a greener apartment while still staying within the budget. Apply these materials to several items in your apartment. To fill your space with eco-friendly furniture, avoid using big warehouse brands and instead start searching for pieces at local stores. You’ll perhaps get some unique pieces that no one else has to protect the environment.

100% organic cotton, teak, sustainable bamboo and wool are some reliable materials to check out for during the shopping for environmentally friendly furniture.

Pick the Wooden Furniture

If you are looking to buy new wooden furniture, go for certified sustainable options. Buying local is the best choice as it offers a smaller footprint along with a support to local artisans. Reclaimed wood is also a way to make your home earth-friendly because it directly reuses wood from previous construction. This is why buying vintage pieces is better than purchasing new, especially if the piece is in good condition. It is most important to pick the furniture that’s
durable and well-made.

Toss Leftovers or Scrap

If you love making cards or doing crafts, start a scrap supplies bin so as to toss the ends and leftover odds from projects. Scouring through the bin before you visit a craft store could help saving money on duplicate materials. Consider donating the leftovers and usable materials to a local school’s art department.

Use Curtains

A quick fix to warm home is the use of curtains or window treatments. Window treatments block cold drafts thus helping in the insulation of your apartment in Zirakpur. It also stops the heat to escape out during the winter. Various studies suggests that medium-colored draperies that comes with white plastic backings can reduce heat gains up to 33 percent. At least, that will save you some amount on the bills. On the top of that, window treatments add a good design element to an apartment.

Adopt a Habit to Ventilate

Fortunately, windows are so energy efficient today that they seal your home extremely well. This will not let indoor toxins and chemicals escape. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also advises to to open the windows or doors and let fresh air circulate always. Do it also in the cold winter for a just few minutes.

Skip wall to wall carpet

An addition like a new carpet is perhaps the most toxic item in your apartment. The aroma or odor of a new carpet is an eye and respiratory tract irritant that may also affect the central nervous system. The adhesive used to affix the carpet to the floor generally includes some of the most harmful VOCs like benzene and toluene. Do not use carpets. Instead go with greener flooring materials such as concrete, tile, stone, bamboo or wood. This way such materials can give a contemporary look to your apartment and will be more easy to keep clean.

Decorate with Green

If you want to do the makeover of your kitchen, then consider adding an eco-friendly touch, like a bamboo mat. Bamboo is not only environmentally friendly but durable and water resistant as well. Most importantly, it grows at a surprisingly fast rate, at least one foot a day, which means entire forests of the stuff are really easy to recover. Other than this, you’ve the alternative to create your own all-natural wine cork bath mat that is biodegradable and renew wine corks.

Bonus: Reduce Waste

Instead of purchasing a coffee table book, utilize one of the books you bought and has been sitting on a shelf for years. Do not buy expensive vases and pots for plants, rather use something you already have to give your home a quirky look. Reducing waste plays a big role in being eco-friendly. There is no need to re-purposing and buy extraneous objects as what you already have will be key for your green apartment in Zirakpur.

Well, these are just few high style tips and tricks for an eco-friendly apartment. Hope this post inspires you to apply a version of them in your space and follow the rules of green living!


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